Horseback Archery Mexico is the leading sports academy and retailer of

Horseback Archery equipment in Mexico.

We are passionate about promoting this ancient art (now competitive sport and recreational activity) and helping people improve their skills in horseback riding and traditional archery.

Join us today and discover the thrill of horseback archery!

We are a Sports Tourism agency, sports club, pro-shop and Mexican representative of Horseback archery, affiliated with the Mexican Association, the International Horseback Archery Alliance and the World Horseback Archery Federation.

We are promoters of the Mexican culture and tradition through sports.

Horseback Archery Mexico combines originally European elements (mainly Spanish, Portuguese and Italian) such as the horse, the suits, hats, etc., plus the bow and arrows that represent the Mesoamerican indigenous legacy, to create that fusion to which we current Mexican Mestizos belong.

In Mexico we have a great heritage of elements that are not only European or indigenous but the result of this unique mixture in the world:

Mestizos race and Culture.

About us

Horseback Archery Mexico
Horseback Archery Mexico

Our mission

To be the pioneers on bringing this sport to Mexico, its promotion and practice, as well as designing our own style and technique incorporating the historical costume of Mexican warriors (chinacos), (and traditional Mexican costumes for women riders, escaramuzas), in our sports practice as international representatives of our culture.

Our company is aimed at people who like to practice equestrian sports, people who like Mexican culture, people who would like to practice a new and little-known sport in Mexico, or even a different and more exciting style of Archery, than the traditional static/precision one.

Our vision

May our club and specialized store be recognized pioneers in the practice and dissemination of the sport of Horseback Archery in Mexico, as well as in the development of Mexican competitors in this specialty, representing our country, taking our culture, our heritage and our historical costumes internationally.

Our method is focused on teaching Horseback Archery involving studies carried out on the biomechanics of shooting and horsemanship, the philosophy of archery as a martial art, and the sports methodology for optimal training and psychology applied to competitive sports.

We have a global vision and knowledge about the practice of Horseback Archery through history and its practice as a modern sport in different schools around the world.


He is known as "The Archery Unifier" by being the first and only archer in the world that had unify the practice of "The Sport of Archery".

He has been practicing and competing in all of the 4 main Archery styles.

He is an expert tunning, shooting and competing with these bows and using their proper techniques:

- Equestrian bow, ambidextrous "intuitive" shooting.

- Modern precision recurve bow (Olympic)

- Barebow and traditional bows

- Competitive Target Crossbow (Olympic)

- Kyudo (yumi)

He is a former Olympic Archery World Championships competitor, certified coach by the Mexican Archery Federation and the USArchery; passionate about equestrian sports and Mexican culture and tradition enthusiast.

Upon moving to Europe he met and found the opportunity to practice Horseback Archery, being the first mexican on competing there.

He has been training different Archery styles in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, etc and is the representative of Mexico in competitions in Europe and the world.

Throughout 20+ years of practicing the sport, he has learned different styles and techniques, which has allowed him to develop his own technique, methodology, school and training program.

"Being Mexican is more than just being born in this great nation, it is loving this land, its customs, its people and its history. It is knowing that we are part of a heritage, a homeland, a race, we know where we come from and where we are going … That this race of men on horseback does not end or that I finish first and I don't have to cry for it." - Roberto González