Mexican Horseback Archery and Yabusame Association, A.C

Regulatory body for Horseback Archery in Mexico

Who we are /

History of the Association

The AMAM, Mexican Association of Mounted Archery, A.C., created in 2016, has been present as a promoter of the sport of Mounted Archery / Horseback Archery / Equestrian Archery, giving advice, clinics, classes, and training camps to our affiliated clubs.

It introduced this sport for the first time in Mexico and has since then been the binding body of this activity between Mexico and the International Federations, with which it has always maintained an excellent bond and friendship.

The AMAM, Mexican Association of Mounted Archery, A.C, arises from the need to regulate, organize, teach, standardize and certify the knowledge and activity of the sport of Mounted Archery in Mexico, as well as being the official link with the 3 International Federations of this sport worldwide.

The Mexican Association's objective is to develop the discipline of Mounted Archery in Mexico with the correct knowledge to guarantee the safe practice of this sport and prevent injuries as much as possible, and not put students or practitioners of this discipline at risk.

Through the regulation of clubs guidelines and certifications for coaches and judges, the aim is to create experts in safety, technique and rules both in equestrian matters and in the handling of the bow and arrow (both risky sports without the correct instruction and professional certifications).

Through the preparation and international experience of its members, the association has established itself as the standard and main reference for the adequate and professional practice of Horseback Archery in Mexico.

Today we continue to build on that legacy

and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Roberto González


Certified Olympic Archery Coach Level 4 by FMTA, Level 3 by USARCHERY and Level 1 by the SBF (Svenska Bågskytteförbundet)

AMAM certified trainer

Certified Level 1 judge by IHAA

Marco Reyna


Founding President of the AMAM, Mexican Association of Mounted Archery, A.C.

Trainer and certifier by AMAM

Certifying judge by AMAM and IHAA